It seems each generation likes to redefine retirement. The Silent Generation (now 70 and up) flocked to golf courses. Their parents spent a lot of time in the easy chair reading the newspaper. Boomers can’t sit still;  they’re taking on new challenges and traveling the world.

And while each generation goes about retirement a little differently, one constant for each new wave of retirees is dreams of where to live in retirement. They migrated to the sunbelt like geese near the turn of the century. Thriving urban areas have been the magnet for the last decade or so.

So what about you, Gen X: Where do you want to live in retirement?

Share your dream retirement location(s) in the comment box. (If you don’t see the box, click the title of this post, then scroll down.) Don’t be shy; multiple responses are fine. If you dig someone else’s suggestion, give it a like.

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