Every man has to say goodbye to things in life. For many of us, one of those things is the ability to reproduce. Although the decision isn’t always easy, the procedure generally is, comparatively speaking.

Blogger Johnathan Erdman captured the awkwardness of the vasectomy process in his humorous post entitled Snip, snip

Here’s an excerpt:

The procedure itself is short, simple, and mostly painless. Even so, the target of the surgery is the testicles. Not around the testicles, not in the general vicinity of the testicles. No, they’re going after your balls, the holy of holies, as it were, the most private of privates. 

I had sort of hoped I could think of England, that I could just kind of zone out for most of the procedure, but my surgeon was a more talkative type. He made awkward jokes about this and that, none of which I recall. At one point asked me if I wanted him to do the other side.

I think that if we were having a pint at a pub, we would get along famously. I can see us exchanging witticism, discussing current events, and chatting about the interesting things we were reading. While I was on my back, we did, in fact, engage in all of these, but it’s just not the same as having a pint in a pub. I was trying to think of England, and he had me by the balls.

A must read for men of all ages, and women who get a kick out of men talking about their private parts.