There’s a cool new app called Medisafe that’s helping people keep track of when they take their medications. If you or someone close to you takes meds for any sort of chronic condition, you know how important this is.

I first found out about the Medisafe app when a relative’s smartphone made an annoying sound while we were watching a movie. Later on, I heard her phone make the same sound, which was different than the noise it made when she received a text or email, so I asked her why. Once she explained, the sound made perfect sense; it closely replicated what you would hear if someone was shaking a bottle of pills. So annoying. And so effective.

I asked for a demo.  The app reminds her which meds are to be taken when, and holds her accountable by requiring her to check off each in order to quiet the sound. She happens to be juggling three different medications. One is only one tablet per day, another is twice a day, and the third is three times a day.

I quickly imagined how nice this would have been when I was tag-teaming with others in caring for an elderly family member as he battled cancer (and dementia). We did our best to log his meds in a notebook but it was especially challenging our schedules changed and his prescriptions sometimes changed. The Medisafe app would have been a huge help, especially for those of us who helped keep him on task with taking his pills.


As I perused the Medisafe website and blog, I felt renewed hope that if I or another family member are ever prescribed medications in the future, we’ll have an app to help us keep better track.

Key features of the Medisafe app:

  • Organize all your pills in one place
  • Get notifications to remember meds
  • Be supported by family and loved ones
  • Track progress with your health goals
  • Connect & share with your doctors

All this, and the app is free to download. As the user, you have the ability to enter and edit any and all medications in your calendar. One feature I thought was particularly cool is that you can sync up with Walgreen’s and CVS pharmacies. If you get your prescriptions filled at either place, you can have them automatically loaded into your Medisafe schedule.

I am so thankful that neither I or anybody in my household currently takes medications on a regular basis. If the time comes for that to happen, or if we find ourselves caring for someone who does, I’m glad to know we’ll be able to rely on the Medisafe app to help us keep the timing and doses straight.