Did you see Billy Idol’s performance on The Voice 2017 finale show?

I was in the other room when he came on and he sounded just like I remembered him from the 80s. I listened to his Rebel Yell album on cassette so many times in high school I wore the tape out.

My wife commented that he looks just like he did back then, so I rushed into the tv room to have a look.

Unbelievable! Sure, he probably had a little make up on but still, he looks young enough to get carded at the pub. Thanks to Wikipedia, I found out he’s 62 years young.

I have to admit I was a little nervous that Billy Idol was making a live appearance. Last time I saw him on live tv, Dick Clark was interviewing him during a New Years Rocking Eve broadcast.

Clark asked Billy something like “what were you doing last year at this time.”

Idol’s reply included a colorful PG-13 interpretation of “dancing with myself” that left Clark astonished and embarrassed. What followed may have been the most impromptu cut to commercial in the history of live television. Have to say, I lost some respect for Billy that night.

He gained that respect back with his performance of White Wedding along with Chloe Kohanski, who was crowned winner of The Voice a short while later.

Way to go, Billy! You were my idol for being a model rebel in the 80s. Now, you’re my idol for hanging on to that youthful look. We want to know how you do it.