Is there any still-living music star who lit up the airwaves more in the 80s than Phil Collins?

Phil Collins’ top hits according to Rolling Stone magazine:

  1. ‘In the Air Tonight’
  2. ‘Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)’
  3. ‘I Don’t Care Anymore’
  4. ‘Easy Lover’
  5. ‘Take Me Home’

Who didn’t love Phil Collins?

I loved Phil. Still do. His solo stuff was good, but I especially liked the work he did with the band Genesis. Even took a road trip once in the late 80s to see Genesis in Des Moines, IA.

If you’re a Phil fan, you should read Phil’s memoir Not Dead Yet. (Disclaimer: If you buy the book from Amazon via the link above and I’ll earn a few pennies.)

Enough small talk, on to the topic we’re here to discuss:

Can Phil Collins make a comeback?

In Phil’s aforementioned memoir, which I read cover to cover, he mentioned being sidelined from the business due to hearing loss. What a shame, huh?

It was this tidbit behind which I stood when debating a friend recently about whether Phil would tour again. I felt it would never happen.

But then I came across this video of Phil and the band playing the Kimmel Show in October 2016 – right around the time his book was released. I started to doubt myself.

On YouTube, I found the video below from June 2017 of Phil singing Sussudio in London. I must say, I felt more pity than joy when listening to it and the Kimmel performance.

Thankfully, Sussudio practically sings itself. See what I mean:

So, what do you think:

  • Can Phil make a comeback?
  • Should he make a comeback?
  • Would you go see him in concert?
  • What’s you favorite Genesis or Phil Collins song or memory?

Share your thoughts in the comments box. We’d really like to hear from you.